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Who Am I?

Visionary, Natural Healing Enthusiast, Rebel

A New Approach to Life

The Dream

Radical, new, and yet, hopelessly old fashioned. I’m an old soul in a Gen Z body.

Me, Myself, and I

100 things you should know about me, that will make us laugh. Let’s be friends!


My Beliefs

You should know where I stand.

Who I Serve

Chances are, if it’s alive, I’m serving it somehow. Sound like you? Let’s all hope so!

Helping You Find Happiness Through Nature and Simplicity

Feel Like It’s Time to Make a Change in Your Life, But Can’t Seem to Find a Way?

I know how you feel. Take it from someone who cannot keep willpower up longer than an hour- ten minutes if food is involved. Life should be about loving, not worrying. And yet that’s all we seem to latch onto- the worry. So I’ll show you how to drop the stress- and with it, pick up a much lighter and happier lifestyle. 

What Can I Learn?

REAL Diet Cleanup- the LAST one you'll need!

Big statements, yes, but very necessary in today’s world. I’ll explain why I advocate a diet of animal products (ethical ones, let’s be clear), whole foods, and lots of unusual ingredients.

(and NOT a mega-expensive trend diet you’ll need to mortgage your house for!)

How to FINALLY start working out- and LOVE it!

We’ve all done it. The intention of exercise, followed by the big hype, followed by.. a massive crash. No more! You can do this and with my help, you’re gonna want to.

Detoxing.. your HOME

We are surrounded by poison, in a metaphorical and literal sense. Most home products are full of chemicals we don’t understand, that cause very real and horrifying results. Learn to stop the vicious cycle now!

Feeling more Fulfilled.. even if it's doing CHORES.

There is joy in simplicity. Let’s take a look at an example of one of my renditions on “boring” housework:

– Laundry. It can be a horribly exhausting process. Or, it can be a time of recollection. Gratitude. How wonderful it is that we have clothes, that come in virtually any style we like, to wash and rewear. How lucky we are that we don’t have to mend a shirt each time we wear it because it is so threadbare. Aren’t you glad to have clean water and soap to make your wardrobe clean and fresh again? I sure am. And how awesome is it to be able to help your family by serving them? To be selfless and humble.

My Approach

Look, if this was another health and fitness blog, I could quit right now. There’s hundreds of bloggers way more talented than I am. But that isn’t the point. The point is, I know what it feels like to have no faith in the fact that you can change. That’s why I’m here. Because we’ve all been so used to the guilt and embarrassment of having to defend ourselves that we forget- being ourselves should be empowering. It should be fun and vibrant. That’s why I’m here.  

How It Works

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Implement My Strategies

And I know not everyone is the same, so some will be short, others long term. But they will be achievable. I can gaurantee it. (Otherwise, I’d never have used them myself!)


See the Growth

It doesn’t take long for true change to occur using the simple methods I advocate here. In fact, it could be one week away! How amazing would that be?

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