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starting a blog takes time, patience, and imagination. learning how takes perseverance.


First of all, I have no clue. Second of all, it took a long time. Blogging always seemed like one of those things I admired and aspired to do, but would never truly get a chance at. I made my peace with that, for a while. After that I started stumbling across more and more blogs. More and more people I wanted to follow and hear from. I mean, it wasn’t just recipes anymore; it was financial tips, shopping lists, even things like printable art! That’s when I realized the key thing that drove me to start my own blog. The fact that we all turn to each other for advice and insight. And that ,maybe, I could offer up some of my own.




It wasn’t really something I entertained past that for several years. I mean, I wanted to, but.. no one tells you how to do these things. Plus, would I even be successful at this? Did I really have enough knowledge to invest in an online presence?




How to get started.


My feelings on the subject were pretty pessimistic up until about six months ago. The fall of 2018 led me to wonder about that lifelong dream of serving a greater purpose. Now, blogs weren’t just blogs. They were action groups, communities, and in some aspects they were support groups. People bonded over these things. That not only surprised me, it left me feeling really great. I had come to a blog for a recipe or a printable, and it had turned into something more. It made me feel connected to others who shared my interests. So I took the leap and started digging.




Apparently, I’m not alone.


you'll learn that others had the same question: how do I start a blog? Can I do this?


Let’s just say, digging is a mild word for how far I went down the rabbit hole. In other terms, I found out just how much there is behind these blogs, behind those posts about saving for that vacation or meal planning for busy people. There were stories, and real people. Similarly, these people didn’t start out feeling confident. But then they jumped in. Therefore, things started happening. Several of these bloggers even went so far as to offer up classes and workshops and seminars to teach others how they had done this. Now I had no excuse not to try it out. A free webinar that lasted about an hour? What could I lose? What could I gain?




Then, something that one blogger (I’ll link to her site at the bottom of this post) mentioned in the very first webinar I attended really, really hit me.




You can research forever and still never make your blog happen. You must take the first step!

– Raelyn Tan, of


Now, I was just cornered. This person didn’t know me at all, and yet she just called out my whole plan. Okay, subconscious plan. I’m someone that revels in the fact that I can research something forever and never have to make anything happen. It gives me great comfort. Having to invest in myself? That gave me great anxiety.




Raelyn gave me great confidence (as she is so adept at doing). As a result, I plunged. I invested. Financially, mentally, emotionally. If my jumped up pulse counts as physically, I invested even more.




To wrap it all up..


Without that push I wouldn’t have known what I was capable of.




In the end, that’s why I started, and why I’m still here. I have no idea if I can affect others with my experiences and philosophies, but I want to see. I want to connect, I want to feel that satisfaction that comes with knowing you’ve helped someone else.




Well, that’s how I started my blog. Open and shut.


Ha, not quite. I’m still learning, reading, and researching. It’s an infinite process. Fortunately, I’ve already learned that the one piece of knowledge you truly need to succeed is to challenge yourself. Meaning, in short, that if trust is something you struggle with, trust more. If you’re like me, worry less. You got this. Now go act like it!




Dedicated to:




My wonderful “mentors” who have helped me along this journey (knowingly or otherwise). They have been huge, essential, really.




So here they are. The people who got me up and running. Feel brave? They’ll help you too.




Help to start a blog comes from many a place.


Resources to Start Your Blog:


+ Namecheap: Namecheap is basically what it sounds like: a name, for cheap! See, you have to have what’s called a domain name. What you call your Namecheap offers really good rates on those.




+SiteGround: Ah yes. The powerhouse of the blog. SiteGround is your host. They run the servers and make sure you stay online and up to date with the world. Basically. There are many companies like this, some you may have heard of. (GoDaddy, Bluehost, HostGator, DreamHost.. there are a LOT) I chose SiteGround for their compatibility with WordPress and their 24/7 customer support team. They’re awesome at helping you with pretty much everything!




+WordPress: How can I not include the foundation of it all? WordPress (the .org edition, not the .com one) is kind of like the display case. They show the world what you’ve made, and make it easy for you to keep everything together. In laymen’s terms: they’re the body of the car, where Namecheap would be like the paint and SiteGround would be the engine.




+Pinterest: You may not think Pinterest is good for anything but recipes and DIY projects, but think again. It’s an invaluable tool to keep articles, freebies, and tips right where you can go back to them. Not to mention, who doesn’t love Pinterest?




Blogs to Check Out:


Now, this is by no means a definitive list. It’s just a small group of the places I found myself returning to time and time again on this path. I resonated, to say it plainly, with the content and voices of these blogs.




+ What Mommy Does: Yeah, I’m not a mom. However, Lena is a mastermind. Aside from her numerous courses on getting things rolling, increasing traffic and turning views into money, Lena offers insight into a lot of topics beginners struggle with. (I’ll be honest, her article on not being able to choose a blog name saved my life!) Not to mention the loads of free printables and trackers she so kindly offers. Did I mention her massive course library? Swoon.




+ Moms Make Cents: Another mom blog? Yup, you got it. But this one is more than mom stuff. It’s a “how-to-get-motivated-to-actually-do-stuff” blog. Resources galore and lots of important things to think about if you want to start a blog that brings in income! Plus, value packed courses at a very, very nice price!




+ Raelyn Tan: I left this one for last because I don’t honestly know how to categorize it. Raelyn does everything. If you want to start a blog, a business, or build an online presence, you need to go see her. Like, now!! Words can’t convey what her work has done for me. And she really packs in value, between the webinars, worksheets, courses and classes, you cannot leave without learning something useful. As I said before, it was her free workshop that inspired me to actually go after my dream of being a blogger.




how to blog and resources to start


** IMPORTANT: The links used in this post are not affiliates. I do not get anything from you using the resources advertised here. I simply love them so much I want to spread the word! That said, these products and people do offer content to purchase, should you choose to do so.**

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